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Africa is a continent of rapidly emerging markets, large populations, and significant natural resources. Economies in several sub-Saharan countries are poised for rapid growth in the coming 5-10 years. African entrepreneurs, global drip irrigation manufacturing companies, and investment groups looking to get in on the ground floor of modernisation of irrigation systems have a number of exciting business development opportunities to consider as a result of subsidies, loans and grants now available in countries throughout sub-Saharan Africa.


Whether you are an existing company looking to enter new markets or an entrepreneur starting your drip irrigation manufacturing business in Africa, this guide will expose you to the funding and subsidies you need to enter these emerging markets. You should consider these subsidies in the irrigation industry and how they might apply to you.

In this guide you’ll learn about:

  • Available subsidies, grants, and financing options by region and countries
  • Why agriculture in Africa is an opportunity for entrepreneurs and investment groups
  • Why countries in Africa are subsidizing drip irrigation and agriculture
  • Who is eligible for the subsidies
  • How DRTS gives guidance for market implementation
  • Best practices for emerging markets

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